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      Message from the Director

      Dr. Angela Colantonio,

      PhD, OT. Reg. (Ont.) 


      As a proud alumna of the rehabilitation sector of the University of Toronto, I am honoured to promote the newly formed Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI)! We provide a truly interdisciplinary training experience for graduate studies. 

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      RSI UofT
      RT : A huge thank you to our engaging speakers Dr. Fung and and our dedicated team for anot… https://t.co/sIkWN5uFUu
      RSI UofT
      The RSI Speaker Series: hosted by and is underway! Drop in at Room 140 at 500 Unive… https://t.co/apOTIGLNcd
      RSI UofT
      RT : No one can say the Sector is not in full support of our Raptors! https://t.co/D652uuHcbN
      Our Faculty
      Are you a student looking to work with one of our world renowned faculty?